We care about what is most important to you
your marriage, your children, & your well-being.
Embrace New Life is a faith-based, psychology-informed & family-trusted Health & Wellness Center. We provide EXPERT, CONFIDENTIAL, PROFESSIONAL counseling & coaching. Clients CHOOSE US because we are discreet, experienced and solution-focused. Living & loving well is an art. Getting there is a spiritual science.

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About Embrace New Life

Are you, your child, teen or relationship experiencing stress? a lack of direction? or even conflict? Do you feel like no one understands?

Our therapists may not have walked a mile in your shoes but we can guarantee, we’ve likely tried them on or may have even run a marathon in them. We “get it”. We get the realities of life, the realities of parenting, of human relationships, and the challenges of our modern zeitgeist (spirit of the age).

We use therapeutic techniques that protect your dignity, guide you as you overcome the source of your frustration or pain, and gain strength through the process. Today is the perfect day to Start Your New Life !

We have helped many children, teens, adults, couples and families. Our counselors and life coaches are here to help you. Call us today at 972.292.7092 or email Lola, our Intake Specialist, at Lola@EmbraceNewLife.com if you have any questions.

Research-based Models
Gain Tools to Improve Your Relationship

We curate the best in our field (across the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Pragmatic Experiential Couples Therapy, P.A.C.T. and Discernment Counseling). Put simply, whatever you’re going through, we know ways to help.

Fully Focused on Couples
Work with an Expert Who’s Seen it All

We primarily see couples. We live and breathe this and have seen it all. We offer Couples Therapy sessions for ongoing growth and support. And our Intensives distill decades of expertise into a game-ยญchanging 1 to 3 days.

2 Hour to Multi-Day
Get Farther Faster

Embrace New Life is for couples that want to leave no stone unturned. Our shortest sessions are 50 minutes but as we go deep to truly understand the core issue. 2-hour sessions are the norm. We teach tangible tools to grow and repair together.

We all have a deep need to be loved and to belong.
If these needs aren’t met, we hurt and sometimes hurt others.

Let us help you get unmet needs met.

Individuals | Couples | Preteen & Teens | Children | Family Counseling, Coaching, Consulting & Classes

Individual Counseling


  • Anxiety, panic

  • Balance, life & work

  • Body Image, disordered eating

  • Confidence, esteem

  • Depression, loss

  • Divorce, recovery

  • Trauma, healing

Couples Counseling


  • Brief, Solution-Focused

  • Based on Gottman, EFT’s Sue Johnson, Tatkin & Stanford University

  • Specific, with attainable therapeutic goals

  • Designed with “healthy family” in mind

Preteen & Teen Counseling

Preteens & Teens:

  • We offer a variety of counseling, coaching, and classes to increase your teen’s positivity & resilience

  • We offer mind/body techniques and training to lower your teen’s stress and anxiety

We provide play therapy that promotes Developmental Transformations that affirm your faith, & health, and family values!

Play Therapy

Embrace New Life
is a
Safe Haven
for your life, your family and your marriage.

Our staff offer day, evening, Saturday & Sunday hours.

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Call: 1.972.292.7092

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Our Offices are in Heath! Look for location expansions in 2021 !

If you want to repair,

we can help.